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10:45am 19/12/2004
mood: rushed
hey everybody, sorry i haven't updated lately. work is hell. if you want to keep in contact more give me your email addy and we can do it that way. hope to talk to you girls soon. miss you!

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08:37pm 14/12/2004
mood: cold
so i went to the dr yesterday and i have a sinus infection. i was running a little fever, but did i still go to work? of course i did. because i'm a whore for the paycheck. i still feel crappy. blah. i went to physical therapy today, and i have to go to work tomorrow at 215pm until 11pm. i hate closing by myself. but 3 people did help me close last night, which was nice. i also got $7 in tips last night. not bad. its my charm that does it, i'm sure. i still have to send Diandra and scotts grandparents presents. bad dawn. BAD! i'll be doing that soon. starting tomorrow i work every single day until next tuesday. nice. i'm so cold right now. i need to put on a sweatshirt. and i need to get rid of my little fever. yucky fever. i'm still reading the poet right now. its pretty good for a mystery. i'm hoping to finish it soon so i can finish skeleton crew. hope all of you dollies are doing good.

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04:26pm 12/12/2004
mood: headachy
were going back to royal oak (home) tonight because i have to work tomorrow. were stopping at the mall because i need a new labret thingy. i want one that goes over your lip. that rocks. i'm in between short stories in skeleton crew so i started reading the poet for my horror club. its a fucking mystery. whats up with that? its well written, but i'm not a big mystery fan. i bought leopard print tights yesterday and i'm wearing them today. hot shit. i also made a new book list at http://www.bibliophil.org. my name on there is scotts_kitty. suprising huh? i really want one of those chocolate oranges that tastes like peppermint. i'm going on a hunt for one tonight. i must have one. i tried being a vegetarian. i lasted about 2 days. i'm kinda disappointed with myself. i have to work tomorrow from 215pm-11pm. i hate closing alone, that means i have to do all the work. not fun. and thanks to bizzarbutterfly again for cheering me up again!

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06:26pm 11/12/2004
mood: content
first of all i want to tell all you girls that i love you. everyone who always posts, you guys make me feel so good, like i actually have friends. and bizzarbutterfly, making me a drawing! gah, thats sweetness! you girls are fabulous. i'm in brighton visiting my parents. 2 days off. yay! i had to leave 40 mintues early from work last night because i had 40 hours, and the company gets written up if their employees have more than 40 hours a week. like i mentioned, i joined a book club at work. the first book i have to read is the poet by michael connelly. i have it, but havne't started it yet. i'll be reading that and skeleton crew. i hate reading 2 books at once, but oh well. scott wants me to go play halo 2 with him now, so i'm off to shoot some aliens. my dad was watching charles angels full throttle and the guy who played o'reily looks like mike ness from social distortion. weird shit.

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11:38am 10/12/2004
mood: depressed
i'm feeling better, but i'm depressed. i fucking hate my body. sometimes i wish i was a size 5. i'd love to starve myself again. anyway,i joined a horror book club at work. it'll be fun shit. i miss you girls.

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11:34am 08/12/2004
mood: blah
i tried updating yesterday but the computer was being stupid. i really didn't feel good yesterday. i had a headache, tummy ache, chills, sweats, all the yucky stuff. i had a sore throat last night. today i feel like crap still. headache, my throat feels swollen. i finished the amazing maurice and his educated rodents by terry prachett. it was badly written but i liked the story. now i'm reading skeleton crew by stephen king. yesterday i had to work from 830am until 515pm. today i have to work from 215pm until 11pm. i'll miss ghost hunters, but scotty is going to tape it for me. it better be good this week damnit. scotty is making my lunch, taking really good care of me. i'm so lucky to have him.

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03:17pm 06/12/2004
mood: grumpy
i'm officially in a bad mood. my stomach hurts,thanks taco bell. i just feel like crawling into bed and staying there all day. i haven't taken a shower yet today. i didn't feel like making lunch so we went out. i'm still tired. i slept 13 hours last night in all. yesterday at work this girl i work with told me her cat was dying. i let her cry on my shoulder, literally. and the other day these monks came in. it was cool. i helped the one monk count out money twice. he really didn't have the concept of american money. so i helped. it made me feel good about myself. i'm hoping to finish my book today. hopefully.

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09:42pm 05/12/2004
mood: tired
today has not really been my day. i closed at work last night, and opened this morning so i got about 5 1/2 hours of sleep. i'm tired right now. i burned my fingers at work on 140 degree water, i just bit my lip and made it bleed, i spilled coffee on my burnt hand, and i got coffee and mustard and carmel on my white shirt. i hate wearing white. me and my dad got into a big fight and i tried a lot. i finally got Diandra's shopping done. i got Jack the ripper, case closed for $1.44 at work. oh i'm good. the other week my cat fred bit my face and left a welt. ouchy. i made myself a peppermint hot chocolate with soy milk at work. yummy yummy! randomness...if you bought coffee for me how much would you tip me? if at all. send me some love bitches. i need sleep.

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10:59am 03/12/2004
mood: rushed
starting today i get an extra 10% off of things at work. very nice. i'm going to take a shower, i have some shit to do before work. my 2 mile walk, christmas shopping for Diandra, mailing something to Diandra, and than i have to work tonight from 315pm-midnight. i have to close by myself. not fun. but its better than closing with kendall. i miss you Kari! where are you? and damnit i better make it to arizona this coming april so i get to see Diandra.

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07:10pm 02/12/2004
mood: rushed
i didn't update last night because i couldn't use scotts mom's computer and ours was running way too slow. i got a card from Diandra! she's such a sweetheart, i love her! i worked from 830am-515pm tonight, and tomorrow i work from 315pm-midnight. blah.

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04:39pm 30/11/2004
mood: happy
today is scott & mines 3 year anniversary!!! it was a good day. we went to burger king for lunch, and did our christmas shopping for each other. so we know what were getting each other, but thats ok:) were clingly. he got me a new skirt i really wanted and the 1st season of buffy on dvd, and i got him the 1st season of samuri jack on dvd and a neopets fairy kowgera plush. of course we wont give them to each other until christmas. last night we watched a
show on dinosaurs on discovery science. it was pretty interesting. i also finsihed the protector of the small series by tamora pierce. i finsihed the last book, lady knight, a couple hours ago. now i'm reading the amazing maurice and his educated rodents by tery pratchett. my cat freddie licked my forehead today, and when i farted he looked at my butt. earlier scott was going to kiss me and i told him apple cider makes me poop, and i made him laugh. i'm just funny like that. heres some new pix of us.

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06:58pm 29/11/2004
mood: geeky
some things just piss me off. why do people always think that thin equals healthy? thats just plain stupid. you can be fat and healthy. you dont have to be skin and bones just to be in shape. i walk 2 fucking miles a day. isn't that being in shape you fuckers? and i'm fat. another thing that pisses me off is people that are against gay marriage. so 2 people shouldn't have the right to pick who they love? than you shouldn't get that choice either, because you suck. anyway, i guess i'm ending my rant there. today scott and i went to the mall. my grandma on my dads side sent us a check so we got some books. he got 2 and i got 1. a buffy book of course:) that makes only 1 i dont have. i wanna play my buffy game but scott didn't bring a controller except his halo one, and i dont like that one. i'll have to play later i guess. blah. i guess my grandma, my dads mom, is forgetting things a lot. its scary and sad. i had physical therapy today. she told me i have to come back for 3 more weeks. and i got more exercises, and really big rubberbands to do them with. because i just rock that hardcore. its snowing. i hate snow.

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08:57pm 28/11/2004
mood: amused
so i haven't updated the last couple of days because they expect me to actually work at work. those bastards. today i worked from 730am until 415pm. so when i got up at 630am i kept reminding myself i dont hate my life. things have been good. i guess my grandma, my dad's mom, is really starting to forget a lot of things. thats sad. scott & i got our anniversary presents. i got 2 buffy books and he got a samari jack action figure, and a halo 2 action figure. cool stuff. we dont want to have to go shopping on our anniversary, which is tuesday. yay! tomorrow i have physical therapy. oh yeah. she told me to stop cracking my neck, back, knuckles, basically everything. she told me what happens and i dont want to do it anymore. i've been doing good despite the fact that its a really hard habit to break. and right now, i'm drinking apple cider. and i've been eatting a lot of junk food. oh well. i also met a new dog friend. it was a tiger stripy greyhound! i love those dogs. it insisted on sniffing my crotch, and i petted it. also at cvs,after meeting the dog scott & i saw 2 squirrels dumpster diving. under them was a sign that said no dumping, no diving, $500 fine. we tried to make the squirrels pay up, but they wouldn't. we've also started taking a 2 mile walk everyday instead of 1 1/2 miles. its good shit. my cat cid also scrathed my boob. i have a scratch on my nipple. ouchy. doesn't hurt anymore though. while scott & i were walking at meijers i told him if he were a spice girl he'd be jerky spice. just because i seem a jerky holder thing called jerky spice. oh yeah. my nails are too long, i need to cut them.

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07:51pm 25/11/2004
mood: bored
i ordered a pumpkin pie at mcdonalds, and they gave me apple. damn you mcdonalds!!! anyway, we went out for thanksgiving dinner at 1pm today. we went to a restaraunt called boodles. it kinda sucked. but eh well. my moms cooking was better yesterday. i have to work tomorrow. 315pm-midnight. and i found the library books that i had lost. we took them back today. i also finished squire. now i'm reading lady knight. its the last book of the protector of the small series. tamora pierce is good stuff. i got hooked into letting this lady do my nail at the mall to try to sell me shit. i got dragged in because she had an accent. yeah. happy thanksgiving everyone.

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02:28pm 24/11/2004
mood: full
its snowing. i hate snow. were having thanksgiving dinner with my parents and grandma today because my mom & dad are going to ohio. i'm almost full. i'm waiting for pumpkin pie and ice cream. oh dear god i love food. yum yum. i'm wearing a skirt today. i want to wear skirts more. i have today and tomorrow off. but i do work friday from 315pm until midnight. i closed by myself last night. it was hard work, but i did it. i'm almost done with my book. i plan on reading a lot. i love reading. i love books. scott and my anniversary is on the 30th. were going to spend a limit of $20 each. i'm planning on getting a couple of buffy books. yay buffy:) instead of going out scott is going to make me a dinner. i like that idea better. were also going to have dessert of course. mmm chocolate. tonight is the ghost hunters marathon. i love that show. spooky spooky.

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07:56pm 22/11/2004
mood: good
so were having thanksgiving with my family on wednesday, because their going to ohio to visit my aunt & uncle, and with scotts parents on thursday. i'm not really that into thanksgiving. i find it rather boring. i like the food, but than people wanna talk after that. thats no good. i'd rather just pick up a book after i eat. my family would understand, but scott's really wouldn't. today i went to therapy, it was good. so was physical therapy. i took back the shoes i bought because they were too big. dad gave me a pair of his black tennis shoes to wear to work. theyre really comfy. i dont really like tennies, but they'll do for work. i'll have to find another cute pair of mary janes that actually fit. and that are in my price range of course. today there was a spider on my shoulder and i screamed like a girl. but i dont care, it freaked the shit outta me. i have to work tomorrow. blah. 215pm-11pm.
i close by myself for the first time. i hate doing the dishes. blah. i've been having really bad dreams the last few nights. everything i'm really scared of is happening in my dreams. scott cheating on me, lying to me about porno, me getting glass in me. i have a huge fear of broken glass. just thinking about it makes me shudder. and last night i woke myself up coughing. that wasn't fun. and i've had 2 dreams so far that are exactly the same. scott & i are looking in these cages filled with cats. its weird. today after physical therapy we went to the pet provisions next door and i petted a kitty that kept meowing at me. she was a sweetie. and i put my hand in the bird pit, for lack of a better word, and all the parakeets would run in a little group to the other side of the box. so i kept doing that, hoping they would stop running. no luck. the cockateels kept looking at my finger and opening their beaks. no way was i going to pet them after that. i'm almost done with my book. i'm a good little fucking reader. this is longer than i expected it to be. scott and i have to write out our christmas lists for my parents & grandma. i'm lazy.

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08:36pm 21/11/2004
mood: hungry
the cool shoes i got yesterday dont fit. theyre too big. i have to go exchange them. i'll probley do that tomorrow. i have to go see kristen at noon, and i go to the physical therapist tomorrow at 330pm. but i dont work tomorrow. yay:) i got a card from pontius_18. she's such a sweetheart, i love her! i'm in need of chocolate. yum yum. i changed my layout, as you all may see. yay for buffy! i'm going to read now.

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03:12pm 20/11/2004
mood: hungry
i got new shoes today. $8 at payless. maryjanes. cool shit. black with metal eyelets. i'll take pix soon. i'm too lazy right now. i also bought more lipgloss and apple cider. yum. we have to go back to royal oak tonight because i work from noon until 9pm. i dont really like closing. i dont really like opening. i decided i really dont like my job. but the cafe manager was in yesterday and said if things go right she wants to keep me for more than seasonal help. no physical therapy tomorrow. and scott has a interview thingy with ups on tuesday. he'd be making $11 an hour. i really fucking hope he gets that job. the only problem would be we have one car between us. it would be tough getting to work. i can't walk, it would take me about an hour on foot. ah well, things will work out. i'm bored right now. oh yeah, the other day i got a puss in boots poster. he's doing the sad eyes. fuck yes.

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09:39pm 19/11/2004
mood: sleepy
so today was long. shanell didn't pull anything for the bakecase last night so i had to bust my ass. plus the big boss was there. i worked from 730am until 4:15. yuck. than i had physical therapy at 630pm. i'm in a little tid bit of pain. but thats ok. i have tomorrow off. yay! i also got paid today. we went to gamestop and bought scott a headset thing for playing halo 2 online. i wanna go read now.

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01:02pm 17/11/2004
mood: frustrated
nothing fun to write about today. ghost hunters is on tonight. its the only show i refuse to miss. i have physical therapy today at 4pm. fun. and i work tomorrow from 830am until 515pm. i open by myself tomorrow. i think i'm ready. i want a book motherfucking damnit. i dont have the money:(

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